Preparation of offers

The offer preparation department selects the necessary materials and boards to install these materials in accordance with the documentation provided by the customers. Then, the list of selected materials with reference numbers and unit prices is sent to customers in a PDF format.

Offer approval and 2D drawings

After the customer has approved the detailed offer, the company re-writes the proposal into the offer letter and, the company together with the customer, concludes a work contract. Designing begins after the submission of an approved proposal to the project department of the company together with the relevant documents. The design department prepares drawings in a 3-line format in accordance with the documentation provided.

After preparing the preliminary drawings, that are the same as the real ones, the project is given to the customer for approval. The project, approved by the customer, is transferred to the manufacturing department, after which the manufacturing begins.


Manufacturing stages of boards

Procurement of materials: After transferring the project to manufacturing, the materials installed inside the boards are distributed along in boards, and the manufacturing stage begins. Manufacturing begins after provision of materials. The boards are arranged in the exact accordance with the front view, as was foreseen in the draft. If manufacturing errors are identified, manufacturing is continued after making the appropriate corrections. Thus, the manufacturing process begins.

Cabling and marking

During cabling, the cables listed in the project are printed on the cables. The cable numbers are printed on the yellow halogen tube. Fuses, contactors and other materials used inside the boards are marked with a yellow sticky label bearing the line number indicated in the project.


Bending and punching of copper busbars used in the boards is performed on a copper bending machine in accordance with Devpan standards, which provides the best result during installation.

Terminal numbering

White labels with terminal numbers specified in the project and group names are glued on the terminals. The input signals on the board doors are glued onto group labels for input signals in accordance with Devpan standards.


In accordance with Devpan standards, the company provides better services using group labels for signals, compensating group labels, gray wear-resistant labels, MCC management labels, etc., expanding the range of products.

Board testing stage

After the boards reach the testing stage, they move to the test area, where all the necessary safety measures are taken. To prevent access to the boards during tests, the test area is enclosed by barriers. The testing process begins after the power is supplied to the boards under control. After testing, the boards are cleaned and transferred to the packaging area.

Packaging and shipping

At the testing stage, all the processes stipulated by the Devpan testing procedures are carried out in order. Photos with the boards produced are archived with the DEV code. After photographing and packaging, the boards are subject for shipping. In accordance with customer requests, boards are placed in boxes. After the preparation of test reports and control documents, the boards are ready for shipment, and the shipment process is carried out.




Why is it important?

With the understanding of quality we have followed so far; We have reached these days without compromising our values ​​and principles that make us who we are. From now on, we are determined to carry our understanding of quality to even better points with the same understanding and up-to-date technologies. For this reason, the issues listed below are important to us.

• To treat all our suppliers, customers and colleagues with equal respect regardless of commercial expectations,
• To create a comfortable working environment by creating a company environment where the personnel, who are the driving force of the company, will work in peace and where they know that the management approaches all employees with a sense of justice,
• Working without being involved in any association, commercial group or cartel that it believes to be for profit and against their interests, even behind the mask of professional organization.
• Keeping the customer’s interests first is the basic philosophy of our company.

We continue to benefit from all kinds of innovations and technologies by increasing the quality of service we provide to our valued customers day by day. For all your questions and requests, you can contact our team using the information below.

We are here to serve, do not hesitate to call us.