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In 2012, DEVPAN Elektrik set the goal of constant expansion of products and services involving the principles of providing integrated solutions.

In 2015, the company, in accordance with the goals set, accelerated the growth and progress, and began to attach special importance to creating long-term relationships, both with customers and with suppliers. The company carefully follows the industry trends and the socio-economic development of the society. According to these trends, the company has structured the organizational flowchart and created the structure capable of meeting all the needs of end users.

Adopting the principles of the modern structure and commercial logic of its land, the company created the structure that attaches importance to the simultaneous exchange of information and experience with customers. The company has become the most preferred partner of industrial enterprises, contractors, regional dealers and all customer groups. Having provided a high potential for the realization of products, and having great opportunities as a supplier, the company always offers the best conditions to its customers.

A wide range of products can be viewed by reading the following headings.

Main switch boards

Compensation boards

Floor switchboards

Wall-mounted switchboards

Main control boards

Automatic DDC + PLC boards

Boards for meters

Building boards of external type

Turbofan boards

Finishing Project
m² Factory
Professional staff
Export to Country

Our Capabilities

We manufacture many panel solution products in our factory. You can also contact us for our special product productions.

With years of experience and our professional staff, we continue our panel production in many fields with the latest technologies. We deliver your panels specially planned for your project on the exact date.

  • Main Distribution Boards
  • Compensation Panels
  • Free Standing Distribution Panels
  • Wall Mounted Distribution Panels
  • MCC Boards, DDC + PLC Automation Panels
  • Counter Boards, Transfer Boards
  • External Type Construction Site Panels

We have main product group productions such as Jetfan Panels.


We manufacture safe and professional products by using quality products and materials for our valued customers with our partners that we have been working with for many years.